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Epos ST15 kaiutinjalustat

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Epos ST15 kaiutinjalustat.  Uusi tukeva malli!  Todella hyvän näköiset.  Mustat.  Parihinta.

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The ST15 is a bookshelf speaker stand developed primarily to suit both Elan and Epic ranges of bookshelf loudspeakers. However, it can be used with any make of bookshelf speaker that fits on top. Speaker stands position the speaker at the right height to the listener and help to decouple unwanted energy from the cabinet, when in use, into the ground to make the speaker sound more realistic.

It is slightly larger than the ST12i, which it replaces and now matches the physical size of the Elan 10 and 15 and Epic 1 and 2 bookshelf speakers. Its traditionally open-frame construction has four supporting legs and an open top plate and solid bottom plate, made from 4mm sheet-steel, punched and sculptured to shape.

During the development of the larger ST15, it was noticed that its increased size, over the earlier model, caused a significantly increased problem with ringing. Ringing is the unwanted oscillation in an object or signal and it needs to be damped to stop it from sounding like a bell. There are various types of damping used for speaker stands, but Epos has chosen a technical solution to this problem called ‘Constrained Layer Damping’ or CLD.

CLD involves sticking thin strips of metal to the underside of the top and bottom plates with a special double-sided adhesive tape. The metal strips cannot normally be seen, but they work together to dissipate unwanted oscillations as heat. CLD helps to eliminate the oscillations in the top and bottom metal plates that cause ringing. Ringing in the speaker stand adds unwanted energy to the sound reproduction of your loudspeakers and if it can be eliminated the remaining sound will be more faithful to the original. See the Epos white paper on CLD for more details. The 4 columns are injected with expanding foam to reduce resonances or ringing. They are supplied in a self-assembly format complete with optional top and bottom spikes, that are adjustable.

The ST15 is the best speaker stand Epos has ever made and it outperforms most brands of ‘mass-damped’ stands on the market, which are usually very heavy and expensive



Height without spikes 52.3 cm (20.6”)
Height with top and bottom spikes 56.2 cm (22.1”)
Bottom plate size 31.5 x 26 x 0.4cm (12.4 x 10.25 x 0.157”)
Top plate size 22 x 17.5 x 0.4cm (8.65” x 6.9 x 0.157”)
Bottom spike diameter 8mm (0.315”)
Number of columns 4 x 35mm diameter (4 x 1.38”)
Top spikes 8 x 6mm Optional
Bottom spikes 8 x 8mm Optional
Button feet 14 self-adhesive buttons supplied as an option to spikes
Colour Semi-gloss Black
Weight 6.5 kgs each (14.3 lbs)
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