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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 "Communicator"

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Palkittu edullinen MM-phonovahvistin.  Väri musta.


"It concedes little indeed to more expensive designs and kept us entertained for hours. Timing is first-rate, instrumental timbre convincing and detail resolution frankly impressive..."

[Hi-Fi Choice, December 2001]


A top notch turntable phono preamp in a little "aluminium box" is our way of making affordable the best sounding budget to mid-market turntable phono preamp you can buy.

Originally one in a range of four Gram Amps, the lesser Gram Amp 1 was dropped and now every turntable phono preamp we make delivers more sound to the pound, dollar or euro than any other make.

The description "aluminium box" is a little unkind – it is in fact a lightweight black-anodised aluminium case.

Read the user and media reviews of the Gram Amp 2 since its original plastic-cased introduction in 2001 and you'll discover why it's such a long-lived top selling budget stage.



  • Input range: 2mV to 10 mV
  • Output: 168 to 841 mV for input range above
  • Maximum input level: 58mV
  • Input impedance resistive: 47k Ohms
  • Input impedance capacitive: 220pF
  • Output noise: ('A' weighted) -75dB
  • Reproduction characteristic: RIAA within 0.5dB
  • Output Slew Rate: 7.5V/µS
  • Gain Bandwidth: 2.25MHz
  • Gain Margin: 19dB
  • Phase Margin: 78 degrees
  • Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise: <0.02%
  • Channel balance: 0.1dB
  • Channel separation: 64dB
  • Size: 115 x 85 x 45mm (4.5 x 3.5 x 1.75 inches) approx.

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


User Reviews

Excerpts taken from the Owners Club Forum:

"A quick message to send appreciation for my Gram Amp 2. I just finished listening to some John Lennon, and somehow recalled that I have had the GA2 for about a decade. So long in fact, I'm not entirely sure when I bought it... The little GA2 has been providing perfect service for those 10 years. Front end is a Rega Planar 3, at least twice as old but with an Origin Live RB250 arm on it... My power amps and speakers have changed a lot in those 10 years, but the GA2 and Rega are a constant. All my digital music is lossless or 320kbps MP3, but there really is no comparison with the record. For example, listening to any of the 40 or so albums in the Nippon Columbia pressing of La Musique de J.S. Bach is beyond belief. Utterly transfixing.


"The Gram Amp 2 Communicator was purchased to replace a Maplins budget unit which I have been using for about two years. If I had gone straight from using an integrated amplifier on it's own to the Gram Amp I'd say the transition would have been monumental to say the least. The difference between the Gram Amp and the Maplins unit is still fairly noticeable, which may be a bit of an understatement!

"It is only my first full day with the new beast but the following impressions were immediate on listening to albums. There is a noticeable increase in volume and I had to adjust the amp accordingly. Trying to describe sounds is a pointless exercise at the best of times but I will give it a go... There is even a sharpness to the bass guitar. The base is not lumpy or thick. There is a clarity in sound with a distinctness between instruments across the whole stereo spread... Albums tried were the first Bad Company album from 1974. This always sounded good but the clarity imparted by the Gram Amp was particularly noticeable. The crack of the snare drum was particularly apparent. Over-all a great performance. Next up was Long Misty Days by Robin Trower from 1977. Would this new unit cope with Trowers guitar sound? yep it did. I have been listening to both of these albums since they came out and today I heard them with a new found clarity and sharpness. Perhaps the clarity and sharpness are at the expense of a less booming bass sound but not to distraction. The bass is still there but there is a brightness to it rather than a lumpiness. Anyway like I said above - So Far So Good. Next up was a fairly tough test or so I thought. I tried one of those "best of" albums. There was 8 tracks a side so you are looking at a running time of 25/26 minutes a side at least. Usually this amount of material on an album gives a very weak thinny sound. Not so with the Gram Amp. Sound was crisp, sharp and full. I could actually enjoy listening to it!

UPDATE: "With well over 100 hours burn in time the unit has definitely broadened out sound wise. Not so clinical as the first few listens. Bass also has filled out. Definitely recommended. Amp and deck are both over 25 years old and and with the addition of the Gram Amp 2 Communicator things just keep getting better.



Media Reviews

The GramAmp 2 was something else... What I didn't expect was for it to soundstage like a four-figure pre. This is the hardest thing for a phono stage to do. For it to come off the stage it must faithfully preserve the information on the disc, including keeping a firm grip on phase. The Gram 2 was fully a match for the Audion in this respect. Swapping to the Korato pre, which I strongly suspect is even better than the Audion, the Korato held on to a small lead in width and gave a slightly deeper soundstage. But though the difference was noticeable in an A/B I'm not sure I could have identified which was playing if I just walked into the room. And the Gram 2 gave nothing away in detail. It just lacked a little of the power and glory of the 'hi-end' stages, but at a tiny fraction of the cost this was a stonking performance.

[Geoff Husband, TNT Audio, February 2001]

"It concedes little indeed to more expensive designs and kept us entertained for hours. Timing is first-rate, instrumental timbre convincing and detail resolution frankly impressive...

[Hi-Fi Choice, December 2001]

"Switch to the power rock of Led Zeppelin II and the Gram Amp 2 delivers both crashing cymbals and deep thundering bass with ease

[What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, June 2002]





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