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Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition

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Erittäin palkittu MM-phonovahvistin.  Väri hopea.  Upgreidattavissa paremmalla virtalähteellä PSU1.

An amazing little RIAA preamp for moving magnet, high output moving coil and moving iron phono cartridges. It's quite a gem as you'll find!

The Gram Amp 2 Special Edition RIAA preamp was first launched in 2001 with a number of improvements over the legendary budget Gram Amp 2 "Communicator". The Special Edition features 50 percent more gain to deliver a higher output which is a closer match to digital sources.

Originally built as an entry-level RIAA preamp for the USA market, It's earned itself several recommendations with the American Hi-Fi press.

As of September 2012 "V3" sports our own slimline extruded enclosure with our usual classic clean line styling.



  • Fast-Active preamp and equalisation technology
  • Inherent reduced vinyl click and pop characteristic
  • Rock steady sound stage
  • Truly 3D performance
  • Superior classic ground configuration
  • Can be upgraded by using a PSU1 unipolar power supply instead of the "green" switched mode unit supplied


  • Input range: 2mV - 10mV rms
  • Output range (for above inputs): 224mV to 1120mV rms
  • Gain: 41dB (Av 112) ref 1kHz
  • Phase margin: 90 degrees
  • Maximum input level: 41mV (ref: 1 kHz)
  • Input impedance resistive: 47k Ohms
  • Input impedance capacitive: 100pF
  • Output noise: (CCIR Q-Pk 22Hz-22 kHz) -74dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -115dB
  • Reproduction characteristic: RIAA within 0.5dB total deviation 20Hz-20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise measured at 80Hz, 1kHz, 5.6 kHz and 16 kHz: <0.05% (typically <0.015% at 1 kHz)
  • Channel balance: 0.1dB
  • Channel separation: 64dB
  • Size: 107 x 117 x 50mm approx.

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with our continuous improvement policy.


User Reviews

"Up to now I've not heard anything good enough to replace our Capital Radio / Raindirk* designed & built gram amps (designed in 1972), that we've been using for the past 16 years. The GA2 SE is better in all areas - amazing considering the compact size and price!

Doug Stirling, Stirling Broadcast

*Raindirk Audio manufacture high end recording studio equipment used in the production of numerous albums from the early seventies onward: Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, McCartney and Wings with Band on the Run, Procul Harum, Pete Townsend, Genesis, Dire Straits, Phil Collins...

The following excerpt taken from the Owners Club Forum:

"The first standout thing for me is that it is really nice to listen to. The music is all there and it has me nodding my head so it definitely draws me into the albums. I am listening to Peter Gabriel's Passion soundtrack. The bass synths and drums are full with body behind the drums and other instruments. There is detail so I can hear different instruments and effects but it sounds natural with no harshness to the songs or any parts in them... It largely ignores clicks and crackle, and it does not get in the way of the music... On any sound for pound comparison the I think the 2SE is very good value for a piece of quality hifi, lovingly designed and handmade in Yorkshire.



Media Reviews

"Now My Record Player Really Works!... This product is an easy recommend. It works very well, and it does so beyond what you might expect at the price.

[Neil Walker on the "V1" Gram Amp 2 SE,, April 2002]

"Having somewhat reluctantly undertaken this audition, I ended up enjoying this product so much that I had no great compulsion to go back to my AT33 MC cartridge... Amazingly, when partnered with quite expensive frontends and 'speakers, the Gram SE II was not left wanting, it just played highly enjoyable music. And it can step up to partnering some pretty serious MM cartridges as well... It should also be considered by those who might need a solution to a system with some harshness or frankly anyone with an amplifier having a phono stage that they feel isn't to their liking.

[Steve Davey on the "V1" Gram Amp 2 SE, TNT Audio, May 2002]

"...they'll be amazed by its sound...the Gram delivered genuine solidity in the mid-band and mid-bass. It was quiet, and free from the thinness, edge, and grain you usually get at this price..."

[Stereophile (print magazine) on the "V1" Gram Amp 2 SE, June 2002]

"...all the earmarks of a giant killer...the more you listen to this thing on its own, the more you'll discover that you can play it for hours without fatigue...the presentation had a rare top to bottom cohesiveness, with a tonal balance unusually rich, lush, and, well, beautiful...It's love at first sound between the Gram Amp and vocalists, while violins are marvelously silken..."

[Absolute Sound (print magazine) on the "V1" Gram Amp 2 SE, Feb/March 2002]

"The Gram Amp 2 SE offers exceptionally good value with its clean, detailed, dynamic and completely grain-free presentation

[Paul Candy on the "V2" Gram Amp 2 SE, Six Moons, April 2005]

"For those building a budget system or upgrading an existing built-in phono stage, the Graham Slee 2 S/E is a new reference. Its combination of superb wideband sonic performance and exemplary musical communication sets the standard for budget phono stages. Highly recommended.

[Paul Szabady on the "V2" Gram Amp 2 SE, Stereo Times, May 2007]

Recommendations and Awards

  • 2007 Editors Choice Awards: The Absolute Sound - October 2007
  • Editors Choice - Best Buy phono preamplifier: The Absolute Sound - Issue 144 October/November 2003
  • Recommended System Component: Stereophile October 2003
  • Recommended System Component: Stereophile April 2003
  • Recommended Best Buy: The Absolute Sound Dec 2002/Jan2003
  • Recommended System Component: Stereophile October 2002
  • Recommended Best Buy: The Absolute Sound Oct/Nov 2002





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