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Graham Slee NOVO kuulokevahvistin

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Graham Sleen NOVO on erittäin pidetty kuulokevahvistin. 

NOVO:n salaisuus on diskreettikomponentti rakenne.  Se on rakennettu erillisistä transistoreista integroitujen mikropiirien sijasta.  Soundi on siksi erilainen, kuin useimmissa kuulokevahvistimissa.  Puhdas ja luonnollinen. 

ENTHEOS SERIES tarkoittaakin "entusiastien suosikkisarjaa"



Novo Inline Headphone Amp

The Novo inline headphone amplifier is what it says – it can be put inline between your source and amp, between your preamp and amp, or between your tape machine and tape input, thus enabling you to listen to your music on headphones as well.

It's also won What Hi-Fi's prestigious best headphone amplifier award for three years in a row so you know it's going to sound good.

It's also what's called discrete, which means it's made from individual transistors and that's usually considered high-end. It does contribute to the great sound of the Novo, yet the Novo is a budget headphone amp.



Inline: sometimes called "chained" or "daisy-chained" - it has two pairs of phono sockets cross-joined so what you put in goes out to your other equipment, whilst the Novo also takes its signal from that point. The Novo input impedance is high meaning it won't load the signal.

No dangerous DC on the headphone output prevents headphone damage: it only takes a small amount of DC offset to heat up the windings of headphone transducers. That heat softens the adhesive which keeps the "voice-coils" in place, and eventually your headphones don't perform all that well. All our headphone amplifiers block DC offset from reaching your headphones.

Headphone sensitivity volume control: unlike conventional volume controls, this one is designed to be used over its full rotation to compensate for a wide range of headphone impedances and sensitivities. This avoids the use of gain switches which would otherwise result in differing performance characteristics depending on the gain setting.

The Novo headphone amplifier is supplied as standard with a silent running energy efficient power supply complying with world carbon reduction targets.

The Novo headphone amplifier can also be used with the PSU1 power supply (available for separate purchase - see Power Supply tab here) for those wanting a traditional (but more power hungry) linear power supply.



Dimensions: L. 10.5 W. 10.5 H. 5 (cm) approx. excluding controls and connectors

Output: 150mW rms into 32 Ohms, 40mW rms into 600 Ohms (both channels fully driven - 0.05% THD)

Frequency Response (worst case): 43Hz to 16kHz (-1dB), 22Hz to 30kHz (-3dB) (volume control at 3 o'clock position)

Channel Balance: 0.5dB typical

Hum & Noise: -80dB CCIR Q-pk 20Hz-20kHz (into 30 Ohms)

Stereo Crosstalk: -64dB typical

Distortion (THD+Noise): 0.02% at 1 kHz into 30 Ohms, and 12 o'clock volume control position.


User Reviews

"Honestly, I find the Novo so good that I can hardly imagine it getting better


"The combination of the novo, with the fubar, and the j river software, is something I am really pleased with.

Jon M

"Another several weeks intensive burn in...and NOW we are talking the bizz with ze Novo/600 pairing. Full transparency and soundstaging galore..cant say enuff about how good this all sounds today.

my Audiolab M-DAC has a "high quality" headphone output, and I have done A/B comparisons with the Novo - and believe me the Novo shoots the M-DAC to smithereens.


"we also used the novo & that sounded fantastic


"I thought the Novo was very good especially with the PSU1



Media Reviews

"...performance has to be the most important factor, making this test-express a head to head between the Lehmann and the Graham Slee - and for us it has to be the Novo...

[Graham Slee Novo, What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision, April 2009]

"The Novo has a wonderfully open sound, and paints low level detail with a fine brush

[Graham Slee Novo, Accessories, Best Headphone Amplifier, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2009]

"What really stands out for us is that it's such an involving listen - you can't help getting into whatever it's serving up.

[Graham Slee Novo, Accessories, Best Headphone Amplifier, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2010]

"Give this feisty little amp a good running in period and it'll really shine, serving up a well-balanced sound that features crisp treble, warm and emotive midrange and a springy, supple bass to add substance.

[Graham Slee Novo, Accessories, Best Headphone Amplifier, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, Awards 2011]

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