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Graham Slee REFLEX M (MM) huippu phonoetuvahvistin/RIAA

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Graham Sleen huippuluokan MM referenssiphonovahvistin REFLEX M.

Erittäin puhdasääninen ja musikaalinen.  PSU-1 virtalähde sisältyy hintaan (Sleen isompi virtalähde - suosittelemme!).

Laitteen väri on hopea. 

Huom! Laite hankittavissa valikosta myös edullisemmalla "Green" -hakkurivirtalähteellä.


Graham Slee takuu 2 vuotta




The Reflex C phono stage/preamp is our new one box solution for conventional (low) output
moving coil cartridges having an output of 0.2 to 1.0 mV.

Previously only possible with our Elevator EXP/Reflex M phono stage preamp combo,
the Reflex C phono stage preamp brings that missing excitement to moving coil cartridge listening,
revealing the secrets hidden in your vinyl - as well as great dynamics, delicacy and just the right
amount of warmth. The soundstage is simply spellbinding!



 Input range: 0.2mV to 1.0mV

 Output (for input range): 252mV to 1,260mV (1.26V)

 Maximum input: 3.9mV rms

 Maximum output: 4.914V rms

 Gain: 62dB (1,260) at 1kHz

 Input impedance: 100 Ohms

 Output (driving/source) impedance: 1k Ohm

 Recommended load impedance: 10k Ohm or greater

 Noise at output: -62dB CCIR Q-pk

 Equivalent input noise (EIN): -124dB

 Distortion: 0.02%

 RIAA accuracy: <0.5dB

 Frequency response: 20Hz - 200kHz (flat, corrected to RIAA)

 Channel balance: 0.2dB

 Channel separation: 64dB

 Size: (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks


"...the Reflex C is extraordinarily quiet... absolutely invisible... The tonal harvest was rich and bountiful, with a deep sonorous bass linearly joined by a smooth and creamy midrange, and progressing to clean and open treble that lacked nothing in sparkle, but never became bright or insistent... It showed excellent attack and pace, and was never intimidated by the often lavish production... Smooth, open, detailed and unobtrusive, this is quite a superb phono stage that should hold its own against more expensive designs"

Deon Schoeman, Audio Video (South Africa), August 2011


"a good upgrade from the best of the currently available sub-$1,000 preamps like the Dynavector DV-75. It's good enough to pip the WhestTWO and even go head to head
with the much more expensive Plinius Koru without embarrassment. A superb product, worthy of audition if you are in the market for a high end phono stage."

Michael Wong, AudioEnz (New Zealand), September 2010



Imagine a tube/valve solution for moving coil phono stage pre-amplification? If only!
Unfortunately tubes/valves don't have the open-loop gain and are too noisy to do moving
coil pre-amplification unless you also use a step-up transformer (or even better, our Elevator EXP 
flat gain step-up stage). But now, with the Reflex C phono stage preamp you can get the sound
you're searching for - yes, that illusive tube/valve linearity, from solid state!

But how? Conventional solid state moving coil phono stage preamps have poor open-loop
bandwidth which means their open-loop response is only a few tens of hertz (see plot).
Negative feedback straightens out their response but obviously it has to make a 45 degree
slope into a horizontal line - in doing so it introduces much phase modulation.


The Reflex C phono stage preamp has more than ten times the open-loop bandwidth which means,
for the same amount of negative feedback, there is an over tenfold reduction in phase modulation
(note: the graph above is to a logarithmic scale). It has been known for several years that tubes/valves
have this property (albeit at much lower gain) but there wasn't the technology available to
replicate it in solid state, and at the required gain. Now there is!

But that's not the full story. There are lots more refinements designed to take the Reflex C
phono stage preamp's own influences out of the music's way, including excellent radio frequency
rejection at input, power supply input and output, as well as selection from the best branded
components available that gel to make the most precise sound stage delivering an
unbeatable moving coil musical experience.

Power Supply

The Reflex C is powered by an outboard power supply. The highly refined PSU1 uni-polar power supply is the preferred option and the one reviewers chose to conduct their tests. It is available for 90-120V (for USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan etc) or 220-240V ac mains versions. It performs pre-regulation and in conjunction with the Reflexes own onboard regulator, the combination is in fact a "super-regulator".

A lower cost option is available: the Reflex C phono stage preamp is offered with a universal-voltage energy-efficient mains plug mounted power supply option.



User Reviews

Excerpts taken from the Owners Club Forum:

"Long overdue, but I just wanted to post my thoughts on the Reflex C I got to borrow through the USA loaner program... Though small in stature, it's definitely well-built, with a fine fit 'n finish on all of the visible parts. After letting it settle in for a day or two, I was definitely curious at first to see how this cute little thing would sound in my system (Fi X3 Super, Fi Y, Ocellia Calliope .16 Signature, custom-made-by-me Sowter 9570 SUT, Ocellia Signature cables). I'll say this for sure, the sound was anything but cute and little: This was the most well-balanced, reasonably priced phono stage I'd ever heard, with neutral yet rich bass, natural mids, and smooth yet extended highs... Overall, the sound was just musical and fun to listen to, and the music always came through no matter what type of record I played. Imaging was first rate... And believe me, there was definitely a good dose of tube magic in the Reflex C--a neat trick for sure, and one that made me not miss my tube phono stage at all. Best part though is what it sounded like after using it for about three weeks--the sound opened up even more, with better extension and sheen in the highs (but without any hint of brightness--just a very natural and balanced sound); there was even more "drive" to the sound as well. I was very much enjoying music courtesy of the Reflex C, and my short spell with it definitely convinced me I had to have one... Don't borrow one unless you're prepared to buy it--it's every bit as good as everyone says. And buy it I did...

Oliver Amnuayphol, Aperion Audio

"My new Reflex C has been in place for about three weeks now and I am thoroughly happy with it. I was warned that it would not sound too good out of the box, but in fact it still sounded good and then just got better with running in... A while ago, I would have thought £500 excessive for a phono stage. The reality is that it is very good value. Since moving from an LP12 to a Gyrodec, I have been plagued by that thing that no one mentions – surface noise. I was no longer enjoying records; I was just waiting for that click or pop... I bought a record cleaning machine and various potions that made very little difference to the sound. In fact the record cleaner cost as much as the Reflex C. I have mentioned earlier my other upgrades which cost far more than the C, without significant improvement to sound quality; arms, cartridges, powers supplies. At least now with the Reflex C, they can be used to full advantage. My old phono stage with power supply currently costs about £280... Generally well regarded but in no way a patch on the Reflex C.

Graham Thomas





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