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Ortofon 2M vaihtoneulat

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Ortofon 2m vaihtoneulat

Perushinta on punaisen hinta.  Kun valitset värin valikosta, hinta kasvaa kullekin värille.

HUOM!  Osta aina äänirasiat ja neulat sieltä, josta saat parhaan asiantuntija-avun tarvitessasi!! 

Tippi numero 1:
- Voit ostaa myös sinisen neulan punaisen runkoon.  Voit ostaa myös mustan Shibata neulan Bronze runkoon.
   Näin voit upgreidata jo olemassaolevan 2m äänirasiasi entistä paremmaksi!




The 2M Technology

2M are designed for precise and accurate retrieval of the information in the record groove. Our philosophy is to play the record sound as accurate as possible, without coloring the sound. We have optimized the design for ease of mounting the cartridge, weight and size to fit the most common turntables at the market today. All of the 2M cartridges feature diamonds which are polished to the highest standards in the industry. The 2M Red features a tipped elliptical diamond, while the 2M Blue features a nude elliptical diamond.

The 2M Bronze features a nude Fine Line diamond stylus, which is particularly suited for demanding applications. The slim profile of the Fine Line stylus will track even the highest frequency information, making it a must for discerning listeners. Additionally, its larger footprint ensures reduced distortion and record wear. The 2M Black is the new moving magnet flagship from Ortofon. The 2M black is graced with a Shibata diamond stylus - the same diamond as on the acclaimed MC Jubilee. Its slim, highly polished profile allows an exceedingly wide contact area to the groove walls and ensures notably detailed reproduction throughout the spectrum, including even the most high frequency groove information. The 2M series has interchangeable stylus units and replacement stylus is available.

To obtain a flat frequency response as with a Moving Coil cartridge we are using the slit pole pins to reduce the eddy current. The slit pole pins is an Ortofon invention which was presented in the 500 series and the Super OM series. The 2M Red and 2M Blue both have the same engine with slit pole pins. With this improved engine we have been able to increase to output to 5,5 mV. The cartridge body used for the 2M Bronze and 2M Black is manufactured from a newly-developed Noryl plastic/glass combination, a revolutionary material which ensures high rigidity while eliminating unwanted resonances. The 2M Bronze and 2M Black use a special upgraded engine, featuring split pole pins with a silver plated copper wire.

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