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Revo SuperCD Stereo CD/Verkkosoitin

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Revo SuperCD Stereo CD/Verkkosoitin. 

STEREO-toisto, CD-soitin, useita sisäänmenoja analogisena sekä diginä!  

-Myös kuulokevahvistin!  - Monihuonelaite tarvittaessa.


  • Vertical slot-loading CD player, DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner with RDS
  • Internet Radio with Wi-Fi Connectivity - Access Over 30,000 Global Stations
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming with Uprated Qualcomm aptX Technology
  • Spotify Connect - Access over 30 Million Tracks, DLNA Audio Streaming
  • Wireless Multiroom Enabled, USB Charging, Stereo RCA, Optical-Out and AUX IN



Kotelo on pähkinäpuuviilutettu. Maski on joko hopea tai musta.

Kaksi BMR-kaiutinelementtiä eteenpäin. Äänensävysäädöt.  Langaton verkkosoitto.

Revo takuu on 1 vuosi. 
Takuuvaihdot ja korjaukset meiltä vain maahantuomillemme laitteille.



Product Description

SuperCD combines the widest possible array of functionality and audio format compatibility to create the ultimate one-box music system. Blessed with the timeless good looks and material quality of its SuperSeries siblings, SuperCD appeals to both traditionalists and technology enthusiasts alike.

Access to tens of thousands of radio stations from far and near, multi-format CD playback, an almost limitless supply of audio tracks from Spotify, high quality wireless Bluetooth streaming and multiroom audio capabilities, all controllable via a specially-designed app for iOS or Android devices.

SuperCD is equipped to receive a wide range of radio standards including DAB, DAB+, FM with RDS and wi-fi internet radio – providing access to over 30,000 stations from around the world. A vertical slot-loading CD player sits at the centre of this design, catering for followers of the ever-popular physical music format. Network audio and WLAN technology enables wireless audio playback from external computers and music servers, Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptXTM delivers high quality streaming from smartphones, tablets etc., and Spotify Connect completes the picture by unlocking over 30 million tracks from the Spotify archive in the cloud.

SuperCD is hand-crafted using the finest materials and components, its all-wood cabinet with anodised aluminium and mild steel fascia and backplate compliment its advanced electronics beautifully. A detailed graphical OLED display and joystick control add a touch of modernity, while its twin 3.5” BMR speaker drivers deliver 40W of room-filling digital audio, rich in bass, clarity and detail, with an expansive sound field - a hallmark of our SuperSeries range.

Box Contains

SuperSeries remote control; SuperSeries cleaning cloth; Multi-country power supply(UK,Euro, USA, Asia); Owners manual; Warranty card

















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